Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Summer 2016

Unfortunately, the DACCWC is closed this summer due to the Illinois state government not reaching a budget agreement.  Their lack of funding for higher education this year means that we are unable to have the money to offer either face to face or FBE conferences to support you in your writing endeavors this summer.  We will reopen again the second week of classes for the F 2016 semester.  If you need help with research related concerns, remember, the DACC library is open during the summer.  Their hours are posted on the DACC homepage as well as the doors to Clock Tower.

Monday, June 8, 2015

Summer Hours 2015

The Writing Center lab and tutor office are open during the regular summer session on Monday and Wednesday afternoons from 1:00-3:00PM.  Students may use the lab to work on assignments, drop in for help with their writing, and schedule an appointment for a face to face conference or a conference through Google chat or Google video chat during those times. Those conferences can be scheduled by calling the center at the number above or by coming by the tutor office.  Students can also take advantage of the Writing Center's new FBE tutoring program.  This program allows students to submit their writing and receive feedback via email.  Response time for this program is 1-3 days M-F.  If you want more information about this program, please contact your classroom instructor or Marla Jarmer at

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Because Squirrelpug Commands You...

Join the International Write-In!

Looking up pictures like this on the internet might make you feel warm and fuzzy inside, but it’s not going to help with that paper you have due.

Join students from 37+ colleges and participate in the 2015 International Write-In!
Come to the DACC Writing Center from 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM May 1st .

Students can receive help with their writing either by appointment or on a drop in basis.  

Food will be provided by the Writing Center throughout the event.

Drawings will be held for DACC and writing related items.

Live tweet at #IntlWriteIn.

Follow at

Thursday, January 8, 2015

SP 2015 Hours

The Writing Center will open for the spring semester on January 20, 2015 at 9:00 AM.  Our current hours for the new semester are listed in the header above.  Please note the time changes from last fall for Tuesdays and Wednesdays.  We will be closing at 1:00 PM on Tuesdays, but we will be open until 6:00 PM on Wednesdays.

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Are you a DACC student who needs help with a writing assignment but can't make it to campus?

The DACC Writing Center now offers online tutoring for students who are in online classes, who are taking classes through the DACC Higher Learning Center in Hoopeston, who are dual enrolled students, or who may not otherwise be able to make it to campus when they need an appointment.
Here’s how you can use our online tutoring system:

1.     Call the Writing Center at 217-443-8877 to make an appointment.  Let the person you are speaking with know you want to have an online conference. You will need to be able to provide the center with the following information when scheduling your appointment: your name, your instructor’s name, and a phone number where you can be reached should technical problems arise during your conference.  All appointments are scheduled during our regular hours. (See the banner above for the current semester's schedule.)

2.      Send your draft, any information you have concerning the assignment requirements, and specific questions you have about your draft or writing to: All documents should be in MS Word or saved as an “.rtf” file.  Drafts need to be sent to the Writing Center at least one working day before your appointment is scheduled.  For example, if you have an appointment on Friday, you need to send your draft to us before the center closes on Thursday.

3.      Before your conference, you will need to add the Writing Center to your Google Hangouts/Contacts list.  You can do this through your DACC email address. You can add us using our email address: If you’ve never used Google Hangout before, it’s strongly suggested that you follow the steps below for initiating a conference on the day prior to your conference so that you are familiar with how the program works and feel more comfortable using it during the scheduled time. You can send a brief introductory text letting the tutor on duty know you are just making sure you know how to use it before your conference. They should respond so that you know you are connected to the center.

4.      When it is time for your conference, you simply choose to either chat with the WC staff member through a text “hangout” which is a real time text exchange, or if you have a web camera, you can choose to have a “video hangout” which will enable you to see the tutor and discuss your draft in real time.  To initiate the conference, you contact the center using our email address and choose the “chat” option.

Friday, August 22, 2014

Opening Day

Welcome--or welcome back--to campus! The Writing Center will open for the fall semester at 10:00 on Monday, August 25.  We will be open through December 8.  Daily hours as well as contact information are posted in the banner above.